Luke Beckerdite and Robert Hunter

The editors wish to recognize the individuals and institutions that have contributed to the success of this project. In particular, we acknowledge the work and dedication of those scholars who led the way in Moravian pottery research: Joe Kindig Jr., Stanley South, John Bivins Jr., Frank L. Horton and Brad Rauschenberg.

We greatly appreciate the institutional assistance provided by staff members of The Henry Ford, the High Museum of Art, The Barnes Foundation, The Moravian Archives at Herrnhut, and the Moravian Archives, Northern Province, The Moravian Archives, Southern Province, and Old Salem Museums & Gardens.

Many individuals assisted with the current project, including Mary Audrey Apple, Craig Atwood, Beatrice Garvan, David and Mary Farrell, Leslie Grigsby, Eckhard Hensel, William Ivey, Joe Kindig III, Jennifer Kindig, Linda F. Carnes-McNaughton, Victor Owen, Hal Pugh and Eleanor Minnock-Pugh, Hans-Georg Stephan, Julie Tomberlin Weber, and L. McKay Whatley.

We are thankful for those private collectors who generously allowed their objects to be photographed and studied. We are especially grateful to Bob Pearl for helping locate pottery in private collections and assisting with recording and photographing numerous objects

Ceramics in America 2009