To keep pace with the advertising frenzy for housewares that followed World War II, the Hall China Company used evocative words to market its ceramics. This series of teapots designed by Thorley featured rich even glazes called “Velvetone” and strong clay bodies called “secret process fireproof china.” These modern phrases seemed at odds with the nostalgic romance of the teapots themselves, which are popularly known as the “Victorian series.” Hall named these shapes Plume, Bowknot, Murphy, Connie, and Benjamin and called the glaze colors Blue Mist, Tea Rose, and Mint Green. Hall’s flier, shown on the previous page, also used Thorley’s notoriety to promote the wares. The corrections seen on Thorley’s original copy show that he made alterations to the designs after they had gone into production.


Teapots, 1945-60
Hall China Company
East Liverpool, Ohio