Sometimes Thorley added personal inscriptions to his pieces for friends or patrons. He often used the so-called “Thorley jug” shape decorated with the Craft House silver luster glaze. The example here, one of about a dozen recorded, was made for Everett L. Buckmaster of Baltimore, Thorley’s lawyer, who was charged $25.00 for it. Thorley also inscribed stock items to present to friends. Tom Moyles, a good friend, was manager of the historic Williamsburg Inn. George and Agnes Mitchell were close neighbors as well as good friends.



Posy Holder, 1950-70 
Lent by Collection of George Mitchell
Inkstand, 1951-56
Colonial Williamsburg Foundation Craft House Reproduction
Tom Moyles Jr. Collection
Jug, 1960 
Earthenware with silver luster
Collins Collection