Christopher C. Fennell
Molded Malevolence: Instrumental Symbolism Rendered in Clay

Ceramics in America 2003

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  • Figure 1
    Figure 1

    Skull, Loudoun County, Virginia, probably ca. 1830–1860. Low-fired earthenware. H. 3/4". (All images, Christopher C. Fennell.)

  • Figure 2
    Figure 2

    Rear view of the clay skull illustrated in figure 1. This view shows the inscriptions on the sculpted surface.

  • Figure 3
    Figure 3

    Diagram of the inscription on the back of the skull illustrated in fig. 2.

  • Figure 4
    Figure 4

    X-radiograph of the skull, revealing the iron wire used as base for holding the clay.

  • Figure 5
    Figure 5

    House site in Loudoun Valley, Virginia, where the clay skull was found.