Gerald L. Thiebolt
Creating Architectural Elements in Clay

Ceramics in America 2006

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  • Figure 1
    Figure 1

    Rhoda Lopez with Gerald Thiebolt, Memorial Wall, First Unitarian Universalist Church of San Diego, begun in 1978. Stoneware. L. 40' (originally 33'). (Unless otherwise noted, photos by Gerald Thiebolt.)

  • Figure 2
    Figure 2

    Closer view showing the three levels of relief modeling: undulating trees, stamped designs, and memorial plaques.

  • Figure 3
    Figure 3

    As a joyful memorial for a living church, the wall is continuously updated, as shown in this close-up view.

  • Figure 4
    Figure 4

    Gerald Thiebolt, Chalice, 2003. Stoneware. H. 33", D. 21".

  • Figure 5
    Figure 5

    Rotunda, San Diego Museum of Art. H. of fountain 7'. (Courtesy, San Diego Museum of Art, The John M. and Sally B. Thornton Rotunda.)

  • Figure 6
    Figure 6

    Detail, central fountain basin, San Diego Museum of Art. The tiles were designed, made, and installed by the author. In this view the basin resembles an elegant turquoise necklace.

  • Figure 7
    Figure 7

    Gerald Thiebolt, landscape design, 1996. Handmade decorated stoneware bricks are combined with manufactured terracotta bricks in this San Diego yard.

  • Figure 8
    Figure 8

    Close-up view of motifs stamped into stoneware clay and fired for use in the walkway of the yard illustrated in fig. 7.

  • Figure 9
    Figure 9

    The manufactured brick, chosen for its color and texture, was reshaped for use in the landscape illustrated in fig. 7.