Jacqueline Pearce
An Unusual Red Earthenware Capuchine form London

Ceramics in America 2008

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  • Figure 1
    Figure 1

    Capuchine, ca. 1685–1720, found in Bishopsgate, London, England. Red earthenware with spattered tin glaze decoration. H. 3". (All photos by Andy Chopping, Museum of London Archaeology Service, unless otherwise noted.) 

  • Figure 2
    Figure 2

    Detail of the base of the redware capuchine illustrated in fig. 1, showing the finely turned foot rim. D. 1 1/2".

  • Figure 3
    Figure 3

    Detail of the inside of the capuchine illustrated in fig. 1, showing glaze pooling and crazing.

  • Figure 4
    Figure 4

    Capuchine, John Dwight, Fulham, London, ca. 1690–1700. Salt-glazed stoneware. H. 3". (Chipstone Foundation; photo, Gavin Ashworth.)