Merry Abbitt Outlaw
A Step Back in Time: Don Carpentier and the Ceramic Workshops at Historic Eastfield Foundation

Ceramics in America 2008

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  • Figure 1
    Figure 1

    Workshop guests may stay for free in a circa 1793 tavern reconstructed at Eastfield Village. (Unless otherwise noted, all photos by Merry A. Outlaw.)

  • Figure 2
    Figure 2

    Reproduction pottery may be purchased at the circa 1811 Elias Brown General Store. 

  • Figure 3
    Figure 3

    A misty morning walk into quaint Eastfield Village. 

  • Figure 4
    Figure 4

    Exterior of the 1836 First Universalist Church, Eastfield Village, East Nassau, New York.

  • Figure 5
    Figure 5

    Inside the church, tables are set with pots and equipment. James Mattozzi, left, and Jonathan Rickard, right, discuss Rickard’s dipped-ware collection.

  • Figure 6
    Figure 6

    Sherds from the Wood and Caldwell waster tip, Burslem, 1795–1805.

  • Figure 7
    Figure 7

    These hand-painted polychrome pearlware vessels are from a circa 1797 pottery dump in Albany, New York, and match examples from the Wood and Caldwell tip. 

  • Figure 8
    Figure 8

    Jonathan Rickard brought antiques for comparison to the Wood and Caldwell sherds.

  • Figure 9
    Figure 9

    Reconstructed vessels from the 1829–1837 Lewis Pottery in Louisville, Kentucky. 

  • Figure 10
    Figure 10

    Irish potter Nicholas Mosse demonstrating transfer-printing techniques. (Photos, James Mattozzi.)

  • Figure 11
    Figure 11

    Jonathan Rickard, left, examines an antique dipped-ware tankard from the studio collection of Don Carpentier, right.