Ceramics in America 2012

Editorial Statement
Robert Hunter

Robert Hunter

Late-Nineteenth- and Early-Twentieth-Century Japanese Domestic Wares from British Columbia
Douglas E. Ross

Early Chinese Porcelain Found in Panama
Linda Rosenfeld Pomper

A History of Baltimore Porcelain
Barbara Beem and Ken Beem

New Perspectives on Chinese Export Blue-and-White Canton Porcelain
Leslie Warwick and Peter Warwick

Ceramics from the Tortugas Shipwreck: A Spanish-Operated Navio of the 1622 Tierra Firme Fleet
Sean Kingsley, Ellen Gerth, and Michael Highes

Ceramics from the 1813 Prize Brig Ann, Auctioned in Salem, Massachusetts: An Analysis
George L. Miller

“Stone-ware of excellent quality, Alexandria manufacture” Part I: The Pottery of John Swann
Barbara H. Magid

The Stoneware of Early Albany: A Mystery Solved
Warren F. Hartmann

Paul Cushman: The Premier Albany Potter and His Stoneware
Paul Cushman

Book Reviews

English and Irish Delftware, 1570–1840
Review by Robert Hunter

The Pilgrim Art: Cultures of Porcelain in World History
Review by Christiaan J.A. Jörg

The Harlow Pottery Industries
Review by Silas D. Hurry

Aspects of Ceramic History
Review by Mark Shapiro

Dated in Blue: Underglazed Blue Painted Earthenware, 1776 to 1800
Review by Jillian Galle

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