The Benjamin Lowndes' inventory taken in July 1809, Prince Georges County, Maryland lists "1 Sett of Green edged Wedgwood."

1 Sett of Green edged Wedgewood consisting of

2 small Tureens

33 Shallow plates

28 middlle Sized Plates

11 Small Breakfast Plates

14 Dishes

2 Fruit Basketts with Stands

3 pickle plates

Of interest is the listing of 3 pickle plates. In the eighteenth century shells continued to play a role in ceramic design as well as in other media. The widespread adoption of these pickle dishes reflects a mid-eighteenth-century change in dining fashion with the interest in pickle fruits and vegetables inspired by French cuisine.

Imitating naturalistic forms such as shells and leaves, British earthenware potters of the late 18th/early19th centuries produced huge quantities of both creamware and pearlware forms.  Some examples are shown here. 

Pickle Dishes

Rob Hunter

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