Introduction and Credits

Exhibit Entrance Chairs, Sofa

Why Is There So Little Southern Furniture?

The Chesapeake

Turned and Joined Furniture

The neat and Plain Style in the Chesapeake

British Imports in the Chesapeake

British Cabinetmakers in the Chesapeake

Northern Influence in the Colonial Chesapeake

Germanic Influences in the Chesapeake?

Carpenter-Made Furniture

British Influences after the Revolution

A Flood of Northern Imports

Cabinetmaking in Federal Baltimore

The Low Country

The Neat and Plain Style in the Low Country

High-Style Goods in the Colonial Low Country

British Taste in Federal Charleston

Northern Influences in the Low Country

The Backcountry

German-American Influences in the Backcountry

Influences from the Coastal South

Slavery and Southern Furniture

British Influences in the Backcountry

The Furniture of John Shearer

Decoration by Johannes Spitler

Furniture Construction in the Backcountry

Southern Clocks

Southern Bedsteads

Ceremonial Chairs

Southern Windsor Furniture

Chesapeake Tea Tables

Signed, Labeled, and Documented



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